Thursday, October 4, 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my head ...

I went to the chiropractor this morning to receive some well needed adjustments ... in just about every joint in my body. Running 4 miles two days in a row after being sick for a week apparently took a toll on my body. I also received a complimentary blob of what Justin, chiropractor extraordinaire, referred to as, "icy hot on steroids" and I have to say he was EXACTLY right. If you have any reason at all to use this stuff, please stop by Healthquest. Conveniently, they have large jars of it available for purchase. Please mention my name, maybe if they have a deluge of requests, they'll donate a portion of the proceeds to my fund raising campaign!

So after the chiropractic care and the application of "icy hot on steroids", I went for a run by the river. "Run by the River" is actually secret code for a run at the Chattahoochee National Park entrance at the end of Columns Drive in Cobb County. It's a quiet, picturesque, serene venue and a three mile loop. I never thought I'd be qualifying parks by the distances of their running loops, but I am. Columns Drive is a 5 mile loop, so the combination of the CNP and Columns will work for me (at least through the week) for a few more weeks of training. I'll be jumping to 6 miles on Saturday (well, in theory anyway), and then soon it will be 4 and 6 miles alternating through the week. By November, it will be 6 and 8 miles alternating through the week. Hard for me to believe.

Where was I? Oh, right, the run. It wasn't so much a run, as a brisk walk, with brief intervals of moving quicker. About 12 minutes in, I started to get "the blister" again. About 15 minutes, it started to gently drizzle. By 30 minutes, it was RAINING, by 48 minutes, I was done, but the RAIN was still going. I slogged my way to the car, and squished in. Somewhere between minutes 38 and 42, I thought to myself, "I am a runner. Not only do I have a blister and I'm still moving, but I don't care that it's raining." At minute 43, I thought to myself, "I HAVE A BLISTER AND IT'S RAINING."
At minute 48 when I arrived at the parking lot on the way to the last mile, I saw my car and thought to myself, "I'm really just a runner in training.".

So today, the box of legos is wet - but tomorrow is an official day of rest on the schedule, so maybe it will dry out.

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Rock on,girl!