Saturday, October 27, 2007

A little bit more, a little bit more

Twelve miles ... 12 ... that's 10 PLUS 2 - 12 ... there's no good way to sugar coat this one - it sucked.

It was about 53 degrees this morning, crisp and clear. We ran by the river so there was no chance for me to get lost. I was adequately dressed (or so I thought when I started) and felt fine ... until mile 8. Shortly after I reached the 8 mile mark, I looked at my watch and said to myself, "wow, I'm doing great, I feel good, I'm running at little bit under my rocket 14 minutes a mile, and I'm breathing ... all good, I rock ... I can do this."

And then, so as to keep me in my place, I got a cramp in my left arch. The pain was what I would imagine akin to a chain saw slicing through the arch of my foot (I watched Grey's Anatomy on Friday night - if you didn't see it, you should have).

Back to the pain ... I had no choice but to stop. And, as those of you who have gone before know all to well - when you stop - you are hosed. So I stopped (it hurts to even say it) to stretch out the cramp. I stretched and stretched and stretched some more and then my body finally realized it wasn't moving any more. It took EVERY fiber in my being (physical, emotional, and intellectual) to take another step forward. And when I did, the cramp was not gone. So I stretched again (rather happily at this point because I had STOPPED). I continued the cycle of mind game of convincing myself to move on - then stepping forward with pain for about a half mile. By that time, my muscles had a chance to cool down and felt like bricks (which made the mental and physical arguments to stop much more interesting). But I made it to the 10 mile mark and thought - "ok, I can do this, it will be fine". But it wasn't - by mile 11, every muscle was screaming, "Lisa, are you insane?" I just laughed maniacally in response and kept moving. I finished in 3 hours and 3 minutes which included 7 water stops, a half mile of stop/starts for stretching, and a bathroom break. I was in tears by the time I reached the parking lot.

There was another team member a few minutes ahead of me, and three of the mentors and TNT alumni. Everyone, team member, mentors, and alumni, were extremely encouraging. Reminding me that it's a big jump from 10 to 12 miles and that I actually completed it (and still slightly over 15 minutes/mile). I'm not sure why I was so emotional about the whole process - the fact that I was the caboose, the fact that every muscle was in pain, the fact that now it seems a bit harder to achieve the final goal, the fact that I was cold ... or maybe a combination of everything. It just sucked.

I had to make a couple of stops on the way home and didn't realize how sore I really was until I tried to get out of the car for the second time. I finally made it home and to the shower - but I just couldn't get warm, but didn't have enough will power left to actually turn off the water.

Fast forward about three hours - and I'm still sitting here - trying not to move to much.

Things I learned today:
1) Eat a banana the night before a big run, and a half of a banana the morning of. 2) Drink plenty of water the day before a big run
3) Wear layers of cool max or dry fit clothing
4) There is a "big" difference between 10 and 12 miles
5) Stopping physically is bad - mentally, it's even worse ...

Next week, I am scheduled to run 4/6/4 miles then a rest day, then 8 miles ... the following weekend, Nov 10 will be a 14 mile run ... yikes.


Anonymous said...

Your courage to be running in honor of your friend is remarkable. And with a little time, your tough run yesterday will come into perspective. Welcome to the "that run sucked" club. As I told you yesterday, we all have had those moments..the ones where you quesetion your sanity for attempting such a feat. We want to quit because everything hurts so bad, but you don't. We find inspiration from strangers, from friends, from teammantes, from realizing you are healthy enough to electivley be in pain and from counting all the blessing that you have. You'll be amazed where that intangible force comes from.
I really enjoyed getting to know you on Columns Dr. You have been in my thoughts since we left home base yesterday. I think you rock. Stretch those calves and thighs which are the root of the foot problem. Put your bare foot on a tennis ball and move your foot around...instant massage!!!
Hang in're going GREAT..

Anonymous said...

but you did it, and that's the part that matters most, isn't it? the goal is to do it. nothing more. nothing less. time is not an issue. i want you to feel the enjoyment of just doing it first, and then you can begin to enjoy doing it better. this is not supposed to be easy. the pain might get worse, but remember the slogan- pain in temporary, pride is forever. bathe in the pride, young woman. you are a hero already. jim

Anonymous said...
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