Monday, October 8, 2007

I think a lego must have been stuck in my shoe.

Well, race fans ... I did it ... 6 (S-I-X) miles. No, I didn't run the whole thing, are you guys crazy? I ran/walked it. I met a lovely person named Celeste (how could a person named Celeste not be lovely?), who ran/walked with me for the first 3ish miles. Then, unfortunately, our paths diverged. She was doing 8 miles (and me, only a mere 6) - plus, she has been doing triathlons for the last 3 years! Anyway, we got lost, because we were chatting and running (for me sloooooowwwwww jogging/slogging), and completely missed the turn (twice). The national training coordinator, Tommy Owens, even ran after us to make sure we knew where we were going. OK, that was kind of funny. About mile 5, close to the last water stop, the band-aide blister must have slid off ... and it literally felt like a lego in my shoe. REALLY, IT DID! So, I walked and trotted, then decided to just walk the rest of the way. It took me about 90 minutes to complete the whole thing. I felt great! OK - a little sore, especially the blister, but it did feel good! And, I went to the chiropractor immediately afterwards, and had my talus adjusted, plus a few others ... well, actually, a lot of other joints needed to be adjusted. But who's counting? My sincere thanks to my caregivers who are keeping me in line!!! (or should I say, aligned!!!!)

This week, I have to run 4 on Tuesday, 6 (again) on Wednesday, 4 on Thursday, then 8 (yes, EIGHT) on Saturday. If I can, then 4 on Sunday (we'll see about Sunday).

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement and support. I sincerely appreciate it. Even those of you who said this ..."I'm behind you all the way ... (in a comfortable chair, with glass in hand and my slippers on)." (you know who you are!)

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