Sunday, October 14, 2007

I didn't get lost this time!

I ran (slow jog/fast walk) 8 miles on Saturday. I really did! I felt fine (I really did). The blister from last week (errant lego in my shoe - or at least that's what it feels like) has decided to apply for permanent resident status. I'm trying to find a loop hole to prevent that from happening. I'm open to suggestions, so please feel free to comment. To date, I've received some delightful suggestions:

My favorite one so far follows - it's allegedly an old British Army trick:

"dip your feet in methylated spirits ... (something like Kerosene) every night before going to bed. Of course you'll ruin your sheets, don't even think of smoking in bed, you're chances of becoming an Italian shoe foot model are pretty much dead and ... well sex is probably out of the question too ... but I can almost guarantee no blisters. (I guess British soldiers didn't have to worry about 3 of the 4 issues ... )"

Although I don't actually smoke, the other 3 seemed to propose a bit of a challenge, so I have opted for some of the other less creative suggestions: Band Aid blister pads, CVS brand blister pads, waterproof tape, Neosporin, athletic tape, moleskin, Vaseline ... next on the list is New Skin ... I'm remaining hopeful that there will be a successful alternative to the kerosene.

Back to the 8 miles ... we ran along Columns Drive so I didn't get lost. It's pretty much of a straight shot for those not familiar with the area. It's a 5 mile loop attached to a park that's a 3 mile loop. And, if you start at a local restaurant called "The Line at 285", you add another mile. So, I had a great run (well, almost great if it weren't for THE BLISTER). I finished in about an hour and 50 minutes (which included 3 leisurely water stops, a bathroom break in a stunning port-o-john, and a brief pause to cross the street to turn around. I know it's slow for all of you real runner types, but that kind of pace not only doesn't kill me, but will permit me to finish the marathon in the allotted 7 (SEVEN) hours!!!!! Maybe I'll get faster over the next 12 weeks ... maybe even, dare I dream ... ... a 12 minute mile! OK - 14 is good, it's fine. Let's be realistic.

In a nutshell, 8 miles is not really that bad - it's just not. Once I get past the initial 25 minutes or so - it's fine. That first mile and half - two miles is just plain icky. I want to stop, I don't want to keep going ... my legs hurt, my back hurts, my shoulders hurt, I can't breathe, I nose runs, my ears water ... about the only thing that doesn't hurt is THE BLISTER, it doesn't start to bother me until about mile 5 or so. But once I push past that first few minutes, it's all good (until THE BLISTER starts to blister again ... yes, I do clean and puncture it after each run).

After I got home on Saturday, I walked in and Doug said ... "hey". I said, "hey". (Sure, I could have left that out, but why? It's my blog, and I like to embellish.)

He was fairly focused on blowing leaves off the deck and we know how much of a "chatty Cathy" he tends to be anyway.

Before I went upstairs, he said, "How was the run?" I said, "Good". He said, "How far did you go?" I said, "8 miles". He turned and went back to the deck (like I said, he was fairly focused on the task at hand). About a minute later, he came back inside and said, "HOW FAR?" I said, "8 ... I rock". He said, "Yes, you do ... that's awesome wait a minute, aren't you back a little early?"

Tee hee. See? I am getting faster (little by little) .... or maybe he was expecting me to get lost again!

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jim lyle said...

i am soooo impressed and soooo envious. now is a good time to begin planning your nutrition for your longer runs and figure out what gives you the max energy and the least full feeling. are you doing the gels yet? maybe try one at the 6-mile mark this week and see if you feel any difference. i'm proud of you. you are doing sooooo great.