Sunday, September 30, 2007

It could have been worse

This was, by far, the worst week of training that I have had to date. I started the week out not feeling well, and as the week progressed, my ability to breath freely without coughing decreased dramatically. I did not run at all on Wednesday, managed to run inside on a treadmill on Thursday, took Friday off, and tried to run 5 miles on Saturday "with the team" because my mentor was expecting to see me.

In all honesty, I didn't think it would be that bad. I figured that since I was able to run on Thursday and took Friday off, I would be able to easily do the training run on Saturday.

However, I was wrong.

Saturday proved to be one of those perfect fall days. The ones where the sky is crystal clear, there's a hint of chill in the air foretelling cooler days ahead, a gentle breeze, and ragweed . Apparently, I have a ragweed sensitivity. Who knew? So limiting outdoor activity between 5am and 10am when pollen is typically emitted was not the best time for me to be outside. Ergo, the training run, starting at 8am and running through lovely foliage lined streets was during the WORST possible time for someone who apparently has ragweed sensitivity.

I was panting heavily after the warm up run (we run about a tenth of a mile and then stretch for about 15 minutes) and by far, the slowest person out there (which has been typical, but on Saturday was noticeable). Then, as we started the run, UPHILL, my mentor tried to send someone back to "pace me" - but I was coughing so much, I couldn't keep up the pacer's pace, so she moved ahead. Really, I'm OK running by myself at this point. I'm not trying to set any records and I use the time to think (sometimes reflective thoughts, sometimes what I'm going to have for breakfast, sometimes my mind is just blank - it's all good). So after pace person one moved on (in the first 10 minutes), pace person two tried to help. I sincerely appreciate the advice and the camaraderie, but like I said, I'm OK running solo at this point. So, after pacer two moved on, I somehow managed (ALONE and hacking and coughing) through mile 2 only to discover that my sinuses were bleeding, so I opted to turn around. Plus, to my surprise, there was someone just a bit ahead of me who yelled back - "how many are you doing - this is the 4 mile mark" and I said - well more like "coughed" - "Fah---or". So I turned around. I managed to stay with this kind soul for about 6 minutes, but then he pulled ahead, and I just prayed for oblivion so that I could make it back to my car. I seriously considered calling a cab on Peachtree, but since I was wearing my "Team In Training" official shirt, I thought I should probably try to stick it out.

Fast forward another 25 minutes - I think all the coughing affected my gait, and I ended up with a blister the size of a quarter on my right foot. I thought about taking a picture of it to post on the blog, but changed my mind on that one too.

So when I returned to the car, tired, coughing, and not able to breathe through my nose, I saw my mentor and immediately greeted her with, "I only did 4". The woman beside her, said - "that's great! just think - in a couple of weeks, you'll be saying 'I only did 16'!" I can't even tell you what went through my mind at that point. I was numb.

So I hobbled to the car, made it to Dominic's T-ball game (more one-on-one time with the ragweed), and then to the Georgia Tech/Clemson game to sit in the upper decks OUTSIDE where the breeze carrying the ragweed could find me. By nightfall on Saturday, I was ready for something indoors ... like staying up until 11pm making sausage balls, blueberry muffins, and brownies for an open house at church on Sunday morning.

My lego box is definitely full of something. But, all of the pieces did fit together - I woke up at 6am on Sunday morning to make ham and cheese biscuits, too. Everyone enjoyed the food at church. Afterwards, I walked on the blister for about 5 hours Sunday afternoon while enjoying a Japanese Festival. Good times! (The festival was really interesting and even with the blister, was quite fun!)

Now it's time to put the legos aways for today. Tomorrow is an official day of rest on the schedule. I'm ready.


Unknown said...

You seemed the picture of health on Sunday, even though you had been through such a rough day on Saturday. Who knew? Not me. :)

Lisa said...

Thanks! You are too kind!