Monday, September 3, 2007

And the beat goes on ...

This week, I have learned about running cadence - the number of times either foot strikes the ground in a minute with the ideal being about 90. What amazes me is that by paying attention to the number of times my foot hits the pavement, not only do I forget that it's 6 AM, I'm outside, it's muggy and unbearably hot, and I'm exercising, but it provides focus. (Please note that I didn't say that I forgot that I'm awake. I'm still trying to come to grips with that.) If I knew about running cadence (when I exercised and read books about exercising), I have completely obliterated it from my memory. Maybe, since running is clearing the cobwebs, I'll start to remember more things about the demon exercise. One can only hope.

I am up to 26 miles year to date, that's 11 days of running in the past 3 weeks and more miles than I have logged in the last 5 years total. I still cannot run (slow jog) the entire 3 miles, but I am running 3 minutes, walking 3 minutes for the duration of the run, which on Saturday, 9/1/07 took about 48 minutes.

The other amazing thing is that I had the perfect excuse NOT to train this weekend - I was out of town for a family wedding/fun-fest (seeing friends, visiting familiar places, etc.) - but I got up and ran and had witnesses that I even completed the task!

My husband told me he is proud of me, some of my friends have told me they are impressed, and one friend told me that she would even train with me!!!! (C, I won't hold you to it ... it may have been the wine, but I would be thrilled if you did!)

My shins are not as sore as they were but ICE is still my friend! (And please don't forget to DONATE !!!!!

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Comfortably Chic said...

I think it is amazing that you even agreed to meet someone at 6AM on a Saturday, I would have a seriously hard time doing that. You must be committed! -and you can take that last part however you like :-)