Monday, August 27, 2007

Ice Is Your Friend

Or maybe I should call this post, "Ice, Ice, Baby". Nah, that would surely date me.

Sure, prior to the end of Week 2, I liked ice. I used it in coolers and in drinks ... it was good, I saw that it had purpose ... to keep things cool. But since my shins have rebelled, I have found that ice is my new closest friend (no offense to those of my close friends out there, you still have your place, but it's just not sitting on my shins). I have had to ice down the rebellious little offenders a few times this past week so that I can walk without flinching in pain. Let me restate that, so that I can move my shins without flinching in pain. Amazingly enough, ice works wonders. Who knew? I mean other than the millions of professional athletes and trainers and health professionals, and a few astute others. But besides that ...

Anyway, week 2 is over. I managed to run 9 miles last week total. OK, well, I'm still not actually running all of them - but I'm up to running 3 minutes, walking 3 minutes, running 3 minutes ... and OK, it's not really running either, it's more like a slog jog ... but I keep doing it, which is sort of amazing in itself, but you get the picture.

My friend Laura is in Houston at MD Andersen now, preparing for her bone marrow transplant. Her brother's stem cell production is being boosted and when it's ready to harvest, they will begin. After that, it will be a fairly long process to see if it actually worked or not. And I thought that my endurance training would be difficult. Her mom has some pretty humorous anecdotes about their mad scientist German doctor . Apparently, Laura's brother enhances the doctor's visits using mime. I think we need a video. We know how wacky those Germans can be.

Speaking of which, my wacky German (a.k.a. my husband Doug) has just published an article on the web. How cool is that? Naturally, it has nothing to do with Legos, running, marathons, or me, but it's about the Liquidity Squeeze, no really it is. For those interested, you can find the article here.

Liquidity Squeeze article

I guess that's it for this week, I have to go and bond (literally) with my new friend ICE.


Comfortably Chic said...

I actually read the Liquidity Squeeze article, or at least the first few paragraphs of it, even though I thought it was going to be about something like coffee. Oh, maybe I am thinking of Liquid Highway, the drive-thru coffee place.

Lisa said...

I'll pass that along to the big guy! No doubt he will love to have his thoughts associated with coffee! Liquid Highway - excellent name ... I wonder if I should contact them to see if they need working capital to start a franchise?