Monday, August 27, 2007

Ice Is Your Friend

Or maybe I should call this post, "Ice, Ice, Baby". Nah, that would surely date me.

Sure, prior to the end of Week 2, I liked ice. I used it in coolers and in drinks ... it was good, I saw that it had purpose ... to keep things cool. But since my shins have rebelled, I have found that ice is my new closest friend (no offense to those of my close friends out there, you still have your place, but it's just not sitting on my shins). I have had to ice down the rebellious little offenders a few times this past week so that I can walk without flinching in pain. Let me restate that, so that I can move my shins without flinching in pain. Amazingly enough, ice works wonders. Who knew? I mean other than the millions of professional athletes and trainers and health professionals, and a few astute others. But besides that ...

Anyway, week 2 is over. I managed to run 9 miles last week total. OK, well, I'm still not actually running all of them - but I'm up to running 3 minutes, walking 3 minutes, running 3 minutes ... and OK, it's not really running either, it's more like a slog jog ... but I keep doing it, which is sort of amazing in itself, but you get the picture.

My friend Laura is in Houston at MD Andersen now, preparing for her bone marrow transplant. Her brother's stem cell production is being boosted and when it's ready to harvest, they will begin. After that, it will be a fairly long process to see if it actually worked or not. And I thought that my endurance training would be difficult. Her mom has some pretty humorous anecdotes about their mad scientist German doctor . Apparently, Laura's brother enhances the doctor's visits using mime. I think we need a video. We know how wacky those Germans can be.

Speaking of which, my wacky German (a.k.a. my husband Doug) has just published an article on the web. How cool is that? Naturally, it has nothing to do with Legos, running, marathons, or me, but it's about the Liquidity Squeeze, no really it is. For those interested, you can find the article here.

Liquidity Squeeze article

I guess that's it for this week, I have to go and bond (literally) with my new friend ICE.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Week 1 is OVER!

I managed to eek out a scant 7 miles (that's 2m on Wednesday, 2m on Thursday, and 3m on Saturday). My schedule says REST on Fridays and Mondays, honest. On Wednesday morning, I ran/walked the loop in our neighborhood. I had NO IDEA there were so many people awake and outside at 6:30am. There were the bus stop moms (and dad), the dog walkers, and the exercisers. Unbelievable. It was truly an enlightening experience. I think at one point in a past life, I used to get up early and see people out and about. But in truth, it's such a vague and fuzzy memory that I can't quite remember if it was just something I dreamed, saw on a movie, read about, or a story that someone told me. It's difficult for me to comprehend that people are mobile and vocal(meaning they speak to you) before sun-up. It's kind of neat! In the past, I have been safely ensconced in the bosom of my home at that hour, barely mobile (meaning I stumble to the kitchen with eyes closed to pour a cup of coffee), and not at all vocal (meaning, I rarely speak until after coffee - and as my dear husband can attest, if I do speak, the conversations are not my best). After my walk/run which took about 35 minutes, and talking to all of the neighbors, I felt good - REALLY GOOD! Of course, my shins were on fire (can you say shin splints) but the energy that followed me for the remainder of the day was awesome. Thursday was more of the same. I ran/walked the same loop in the neighborhood, spoke to the neighbors, and put ice on my shins. On Sunday, I attempted cross training, which for me meant upper body strengthening. I followed an upper body circuit for about 35 minutes and realized that I am in much worse shape than I thought (and that's pretty bad). The most I could lift was 16 lbs (an 8lb weight in each hand). I felt pathetic, especially considering my son weighs about 45 lbs and I manage somehow to carry him up 2 flights of stairs when he falls asleep in the car. But maybe I can attribute that to maternal motivation. Let's go with that theory. I'm not really discouraged though, just a bit more determined. It felt good to sleep in this morning and my shins don't hurt any longer - so I'm ready to go again!

Friday, August 17, 2007


I'm starting this to primarily journal my experience of training for a marathon. No doubt there will be other things I feel compelled to share, but we'll see how it goes. If you're wondering about the title of the blog, it comes from spending hours upon hours (more like weeks upon weeks) of playing with legos with my 4 year old son Dominic. Again, like life, you can easily get frustrated if the pieces aren't quite fitting together the way you expect. Or, you can have a "mountain top" experience of triumph and jubilation, not only because you found a piece for which you had been searching, but also because you created something brilliant! It's all good ...

But back to the marathon.

I have signed up to train for a marathon in honor of my friend Laura who has been diagnosed with a form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. See the links on the right. As I learn how to make my body endure a long distance run (26.2 miles), she will be going through a bone marrow transplant. There is no way that my journey even compares to hers (or to that of her family), but hopefully the money that I raise for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society will help those who are battling blood cancers. Please give serious consideration to donating via my fund raising page. Remember that all donations are 100% tax deductible and it's for an excellent cause!


On the lighter side, I hope that you find some amusement in my training "antics". For those that know me well, there will be eye rolls, and nods, and most likely a snort and a chuckle here and there.

Let's get this party started!